Crypto Community Reacts To Justin Sun’s UST Buy

Shortly after the debut of decentralized USD, Justin Sun revealed his plan to purchase UST (USDD). According to rumors, he purchased 1 million UST on the Curve trading site. Members of the crypto community have had various views to his conduct.

Sun's move has crypto players baffled.

Many people have voiced discontent with this purchase, calling it weird. Many people appear to be irritated by the obvious similarities between UST and USDD. Many people are perplexed as to why he spent so much money on a coin that he literally dubbed.

Remember that the Tron blockchain was built as a copy of the Ethereum network. Concerns about the ethereum white paper being plagiarized flooded the internet, yet it was impossible to overlook the reality that the Tron blockchain included several beneficial changes.

As a result, a few people are on the fence about whether or not this latest move is ethical. Instead, worries are focused on the advantages that this new creature might provide.

Justin Sun is said to have revealed his USDD fantasy. He claims that the coin will be on par with bitcoin in terms of adoption in a few years, and that its stability would help investors gain trust. For the time being, his main focus is on monetary stability, and he believes everything else will fall into place after that.

The Sun unveils USSD plans.

He feels there are other options to managing money laundering concerns, and that freezing unlawful funds may not be useful. He also indicated that the Tron DAO, which is a separate entity, will seek for ways to combat money laundering.

He is currently collaborating with Tron DAO and other companies to strengthen the reserves. However, he also said that the company has $1 billion in reserve for its recent launch, and that if more money are needed in the future, there are plans in place to cover it.

Some have said that the USDD will likely outperform the UST, but Justin Sun's investment shatters such expectations. The entire community is waiting to see what this step means for UST and any decentralized stable coinage that may emerge following the launch of the USDD.