Crypto Market Is Guaranteed To Rebound In Second Half of 2022 – PolySign CEO

The crypto market has been in a bloodbath over the previous few days, with prominent coins like Bitcoin losing double digits in value. The market, according to the broad view, has been influenced by the changing dynamics of the larger financial market, which includes the S&P 500.

Jack McDonald, the CEO of PolySign, got the opportunity to discuss current and future trends in the crypto sector during an interview with CNBC.

Is Bitcoin Still A Good Inflation Hedging Option?

For several years, cryptos such as Bitcoin have been viewed as excellent hedging choices against the rampant inflation caused by governments' ongoing printing of fiat currency and rising interest rates. However, investors are concerned about the rapid drop and apparent high correlation of crypto values with larger traditional markets.

In his opinion, the said co-relation has been strong recently, but this will not remain. Cryptocurrency prices, particularly Bitcoin's, will detach from the influence of external causes at some time in the near future. In reality, until recently, this was how things worked. It's unclear whether this shift is linked to the influx of institutional capital into the crypto market. Nonetheless, the crypto revolution's long-term tale remains intact.

In the second half of 2022, the market could recover. When asked if the market is poised to make a recovery in the coming months, Jack McDonald said yes. The cryptocurrency market will eventually attract more money, resulting in a resurgence. As adverse mood fades and accumulation begins in the second half of 2022, the coming months will prepare the stage for this to happen.