Ethereum Layer-2, Optimism Officially Announced The Launch Of Its ‘OP’ Token

As the team announces the introduction of the 'Optimism Collective' token, there are different conditions for addresses to be eligible for Optimism's token airdrop.

Following speculations that the Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution was ready to publish its governance token, social media was buzzing a few days ago. Optimism has validated the reports today, launching its native token, 'Optimism Collective,' with the sign OP.

On the launch, the team writes:

“Ethereum is ready for its next chapter. We are ready to scale not only Ethereum (the network), but also the values that thrust it onto the global stage in the first place. The Optimism Collective is here reconstruct the incentives of the internet.”

Optimism further stated that during the first airdrop cycle, 5% of the entire tokens would be distributed. About 265,000 wallet addresses are eligible for the airdrops, according to the project's developers. According to the Optimism announcement website, 14 percent of the total tokens will be airdropped. However, the airdrops will occur in stages.

As a result, anyone who missed out on the first airdrop round may always keep an eye out for the next one. the best way to become eligible for the airdrop is to be active in the Optimism ecosystem such as the developer team discord channel or the general discord channel," according to the announcement page.

Criteria for receiving an OP airdrop

The team also confirmed that an address could be eligible for numerous airdrops if it meets the requirements outlined on the announcement page's airdrop eligibility section. Furthermore, while any address can be eligible for airdrops, only those that actively contribute to the Optimism community will be entitled to vote in the DAO. One criteria criterion that jumps out is the requirement for active Ethereum Dapp users.

These users will be eligible for Optimism's token airdrop since they have remained faithful to the Ethereum network despite the fact that others have begun bridging to other chains because to the high fees. Rumors of a probable token launch by an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution generated a large jump in the project's TVL. However, now that the rumors are validated, only time will tell whether the project's TVL will continue to rise.