Germany Overtakes Singapore as Number 1 in Terms of Most Crypto-friendly Nation

Germany, according to Coincub, is the world's most crypto-friendly country, beating out places like Singapore. Germany was ranked #1 in Coincub's worldwide crypto rankings for the first quarter of 2022. The country's pioneering decision to integrate crypto investments in a substantial chunk of its domestic savings was one of the most critical considerations for the throne.

The actions done demonstrate institutional acceptance as well as Germany's bright future in crypto.

Coincub conducted a survey that ranked 46 countries based on a variety of factors such as initial coin offerings, fraud protection measures, and crypto courses given by educational institutions. Etc.

From number four to the top.

Germany landed in fourth place in the world rankings last year. As a result, it has gained a competitive advantage over the rest of the world. Singapore, for example, was ranked first before the government imposed restrictions on virtual asset service providers' crypto services and Bitcoin ATMs, but now ranks second.

However, in terms of domestic mining, the United States is placed third. According to KuCoin, 16 percent of Germans aged 18 to 60 own or have traded cryptocurrency in the previous six months. 41% of investors intend to increase their investments in the near future. In December, the German journal Capital reported on an attempt to offer a cryptocurrency wallet. The stock exchange operator in Germany, Deutsche Boerse, has listed more than 20 crypto exchange-traded securities.

The countries with the lowest scores in the previous survey appear to have deposed their successors. Several European countries, on the other hand, have risen from their prior positions. The United Arab Emirates has also risen to 22nd place among nations with lax crypto legislation and prohibitions.