Moonbirds Tops the NFT Trending List With Over 21,500 ETH Trading Volume

This week's NFT sales increased by 3.35 percent over the previous week, indicating a little improvement. 15 different blockchain networks generated $658.4 million in sales the previous week. Only a week prior, on April 10th, sales volume had decreased by 13% from the previous week.

In the past seven days, Ethereum sold $562.9 million worth of tokens, up 3.74 percent from the previous week. Polygon's sales volume increased by 106.68 percent week over week, raking in $7.3 million in income, the most among the 15 blockchains. BSC-based NFT sales increased by 58.89% this week, while Arbitrum-based NFT sales increased by 30.74%. Wax blockchain NFT sales dropped 39.92 percent to $2.2 million last week.

Sales Volume: $231.9 Million

Moonbirds was the top-selling NFT collection this week, with a total sales volume of $231.9 million. With $26.8 million in sales, the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) collection was the second most popular.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) sold for $22.8 million in just seven days after MAYC. Other notable compilations that made it into the top 10 NFT collections by weekly sales volume include Azuki, Cryptopunks, Clonex, Imposter Genesis, MOAR, Beanz, and Doodles.

Cryptopunk 7756, according to data, was this week's greatest NFT sale, selling for 1,050 ether or $3.2 million at the time of settlement. Azuki 9759 and Bored Ape Yacht Club 8537, respectively, sold for $604,854 and $579,214. In the last seven days, just three NFTs accounted for 0.672 percent of the $658.4 million in NFT sales volume. Currently, the most valued fractional NFT projects by market value are ape punk (APE$), angry doge (ANFD), and ancient zombie shards (ZOMB).