Mysterious Whale Adds 391 Billion Shiba Inu, Now Holds 8.4T Shib

Despite the selloff intensifying, the mysterious SHIB Whale scooped up another 391.22 billion Shiba Inu (SHIB) for $5.98 million.

In the previous 24 hours, the mystery SHIB whale has accumulated around 391.22 billion Shiba Inu, valued $5.98 million.

The mysterious SHIB Whale continues to load her bags with a big volume of Shiba Inu while the entire crypto market is seeing an enormous selloff since Monday. 

According to, the mystery SHIB whale has consumed a total of 391,224,027,949 (391.22B) SHIB worth $5,989,638 ($5.98M) in three distinct transactions in the last 24 hours.

This new addition of the popular dog-themed cryptocurrency increased its Shiba Inu holdings to a staggering 8,494,848,914,609 (8.49B) SHIB, valued at $130,735,724 ($130.73M).

Transactions Breakdown:

Through three successive transactions, the wallet interacts with three different wallets and purchases various amounts of Shiba Inu tokens. One of the wallets is associated with "Binance," while the other is associated with "BlueWhale0073," one of the largest ETH Whales. The third, however, remains a mystery.

Mysterious Whale Continues: BlueWhale0073 Transfer of Shiba Inu Assets to SHIB

The blockchain data tracking website WhaleStats claimed on May 11 that "BlueWhale0073," the 210th greatest ETH Whale, has picked up 191,883,317,886 (191.88B) SHIB, valued $3,098,915 ($3.098M) in one huge transaction.

Following this transaction, data shows that the whale made one "OUT" transaction, transferring a total of 198,604,990,781 (198.60B) SHIB to the unknown wallet address, worth $3,205,484 ($3.20M) in one transaction. Following this transfer, the BlueWhale0073's entire SHIB balance was decreased to to 939,071,717 (939.07B) SHIB, valued at $14,283.

Aside from the above-mentioned transfer, the Mysterious whale has also accumulated 182,852,939,470 (182.85B) SHIB from one of the "Binance" wallet addresses, worth $2,792,164 ($2.79M), and 9,766,097,698 (9.7B) SHIB from one of the unknown wallet addresses, worth $149,128.

The Mysterious SHIB whale now has a total of 8,494,848,914,609 (8.49T) SHIB in her wallet, worth $130,735,724 ($130.73M).