NFT Investors Rush To Buy Domains on ENS Since Last Week

ENS stands for Ethereum Name Service. eth domains with numbers spanning from 0000 to 9999 have recently piqued the interest of NFT investors, enthusiasts, and speculators. Although domains with three and four digit names have been around for a long time, there has recently been a buying frenzy for them on the secondary markets.

The rise in domain sales began on April 21, according to a Dune Analytics dashboard for ENS, and the number of.eth name registrations jumped from 2,721 to 21,188 in the following week.

The ENS domains' OpenSea trade volume has increased by 3,333 percent to 2,613 ETH, or roughly $7.3 million at current rates. The last 48 hours saw the biggest trading activity on the secondary market. The most expensive domain to date is "555.eth," which sold for 55.5 ETH ($156,821.91) on April 28.

Holders of ENS identities ranging from 0-9999 have formed the 10kClub, an exclusive Discord channel for them. At the time of writing, around 4,000 ENS holders had joined the social club. The phrase "I AM MY NUMBERS AND MY NUMBERS ARE ME," which has been regularly expressed in the Discord chat, was also posted by members of the social channel.

According to the 10kClub's Twitter feed, there is no roadmap.

Individual users aren't the only ones who've registered names with the Ethereum Name Service recently. Budweiser and Puma are two major brands and corporations that have registered their domain names.