Solana Based NFTs Are Officially Listed On Opensea

Opensea is a top marketplace for trading NFTs, and yet it is usually known as a platform for buying and selling Ethereum based NFTs. However, Opensea has finally decided to list Solana based NFTs, after series of requests were made from active creators and investors.

Solana, an energy- efficient blockchain, has a fast transaction speed and low gas fees. The launch is currently in its beta stage, having a limited collection coverage of 165 collections and more are being added daily.

To buy and sell NFTs on the Solana chain on Opensea, users need to use a compatible wallet like Glow or Phantom, where they can hold $SOL.

The marketplace teased a video last week, stating that the launch of Solana based NFTs on Opensea is "The best kept secret in web3". On Monday, the marketplace rolled out a new features that enables users to buy NFTs with credit cards.

Opensea is presently valued at $13.3 billion. According to DappRader, the platform's trading volume reached $2.45 billion with 1.85 million transactions last month.

Click here to view the Solana based NFT collections on Opensea.