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What is PokemonFi?

Through $PKMFi to finish all operations for PokemonFi, whatever for NFT, game or community!!! About game In a virtual kingdom built through BLOCKCHAIN encryption technology and token economy, there are such an incredible group of PokeMons. They were born in nature and are composed of fire, water, and grass elements. Most of the PokeMons are very close to humans. Over time, more and more people have raised this cute creature. People get along with the PokeMons day and night, and explore unknown areas with the PokeMons, gradually forming a harmonious symbiosis between humans and the PokeMons. I don't know when, there was a craze for PokeMons to fight in the kingdom. Humans use their own PokeMons to learn from each other, and the popularity was unprecedented. Since then, a popular competitive event with PokeMon exchange as the core has officially opened.