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What is Sport Move?

SPORTMOVE (SPORT) has the sole purpose of encouraging people to change their sedentary routines to have a more active and healthy life. Let's revolutionize and embrace web 3 technology to our advantage, offering a perfect combination of tools like NFT games and collections, global currency and cash rewards, that's right! REWARD for playing sports! World Cup-focused NFTs In Qatar, ✅KYC+AUDIT, ✅CMC and CG in process,✅ CERTIK and CEX coming soon.💰Fees: 0% BUY and Sell SPORTMOVE METAVERSE Sportmove has prioritized innovation, whether in the move-to-earn modality, in exclusive NFt's and also in the metaverse world. Where we will design the sports universe with the best features available in blockchain games. Adhering to the play-to-earn modality, the metaverse of sportmove includes two game modalities in the beta version. Soccer - Each user will be able to have their own team, with exclusive NFT's available on the marketplace. The mechanics of the game are due to the online team dispute, where the winner will raise the team's level. There will be disputes and rewards in SPORT token in favor of tournaments organized by sportmove metaverse. Athletics: It will really be a race for victory, the second game of the metaverse sportmove, consists of an avatar, who needs to reach the podium, but on the way there will be several obstacles that he needs to jump or dodge.