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What is 4MOVE?

4MOVE is a platform with the vision of using vehicle data to provide efficient, high-quality, real-time traffic information. Combining the blockchain / NFT Web3 integrated app with social and gaming elements, users can simply drive, transport, or go out and be rewarded with $ 4 MOVE tokens Drive to earn In single mode, players are equipped with NFTs to move around and earn tokens. Stamina is required to earn 4MOVE tokens. Each stamina is equivalent to a 5 minute move and acquisition move, and stamina will only start replenishment after the player has acquired an NFT. First, the player selects one of his cars and presses Start. NFTs DRIVE system $ 4MOVE is the BEP20 token and the main token of the 4MOVE ecosystem. Users will receive $ 4MOVE tokens (automatic staking and autosynthesis) when they complete a mission in the application or hold $ 4MOVE in their wallet. The $ 4MOVE token can be used to buy NFT boxes, repair cars, bicycles and motobikes, create NFTs, trade / rent / lease NFTs on the market, and participate in special events.