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What is CZ LUNA?

CZ Luna is the first community-powered Luna that features the best and most advanced utilities. It is supported by an amazing community, and has special features integrated into its ecosystem as instructed by CZ Binance. ∇ CZ Luna Ecosystem∇ • Decentra Loona Verse, a AAA-graphics fully immersive NFT metaverse with P2E, and Create-2-Earn Mechanics • LooNFT Marketplace. It enables users to exchange virtual real estate, land parcels, in-game assets, and much more • Loona DEX, a decentralized exchange • Multi-DeFi solutions, through several integrations with key partners ∇SAFU Measures∇ ✓Locked Liquidity ✓Non-mintable ✓Anti-Snipe Bots, to prevent price manipulation ✓Contract Ownership will be renounced. ✓Multi-Sig wallet ✓Team Vesting ✓Audited by Coinscope