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What is STEPM?

What is STEPM? STEPM is the project that was build base on the ideas of Elon Musk. STEPM stands for Step to Mars. The M in STEPM, meaning Mars, is inspired by the idea of ​​sending people to Mars by Elon Musk - the CEO of SpaceX. STEPM was born with the mission to help people improve their physical and mental health and beyond to build a qualified force to join Elon Musk on the journey to Mars in 2029. STEPM is a lifestyle application on Web 3.0 with GameFi and SocialFi elements. STEPM is built around a daily activity necessary for most people - moving. We are the best project to be effective for the concept of moving & earning money. Users equip themselves with NFT as Spaceshoes. By moving, walking, jogging, running outdoors, or any moving activity, users will make money in the game, which can be used or draw cash to profit. With Game-Fi, STEPM aims to promote millions of people towards a healthier lifestyle against climate change, gene improvement, and an ecosystem suitable to the space environment on Mars. Connecting the community with the web 3.0 refers to its Social aspect to build a long-term platform that promotes the user web content created by users.