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What is MISSION 1?

M01 is a Bep-20 token designed by investors for investors. M01 represents a club of crypto investors who coordinate their actions and investments together, generating important impacts on the digital assets of the crypto world. M01 is representative of a specific mission. Through our community of investors devoted to the "buy the dip and sell the pump" dogma, we identify the most talented new cryptocurrencies on the market to coordinate mass action, in order to optimize their performance and subsequently benefit from the result. The inspiration for the M01 denomination comes from "Mission 1$", or the mission of making crypto with a value of a few fractions of a thousandth of a dollar reach the first goal, namely the valuation at 1 dollar (USDT). After hundreds of successful missions where on some occasions it has even managed to control most of the liquidity present in the DEX of various digital assets, the community has chosen to leave anonymity and give itself an identity, represented by this website and by a reference token. The M01 in fact.