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What is CosmicFarm?

👉 COSFARM TOKEN In order to provide incentives to yield farmers using the Cosmic Farm platform, the $COSFARM token will be released on August 9th, 2022. A key innovation of the $COSFARM token is that it entitles holders to a performance fee taken from Cosmic Farm's yield farming strategies. While each strategy may farm different assets, the performance fee is used to buy $COSFARM on the open market, which is then distributed to those who stake $COSFARM in the Profit Sharing pool. The price of $COSFARM is subject to consistent buy pressure as a result. Moreover, when staking, your COSFARM token is automatically compounded upon every interaction with the Profit Sharing pool. Directly speaking, the value of $COSFARM comes from the profits generated in the various deployed strategies. 👉 TOKEN DISTRIBUTION OVERVIEW 🌿 Total supply: 100,000,000 $COSFARM 🌿 Liquidity: 50% 🌿 Farm, Stake and Yield rewards: 35% 🌿 Marketing and Development: 10% 🌿 Passive Income: 5%