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Price: $0.0492
Liquidity: $32,493
Marketcap: $47,830
Total supply: ~ DGSTB

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What is Dogestribute?

Dogestribute is a rewards coin designed to increase Doge awareness! All Dogestribute holders have to do is sit back, relax and watch your Dogecoin collection grow as you receive your rewards automatically via the 10% reward fee per transaction! Dogestribute has been studying the crypto market closely (while stacking up his Doge coins), and he has decided it is time to emerge from the bear market ashes! The DogeVault is the total amount of Dogecoin accumulated from the tax per transaction. As a holder of Dogestribute, you can claim your allocated rewards from the DogeVault every hour, so no matter how the chart may look on any day you always have passive income waiting to be claimed.