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What is Micro Race League?

Micro Race League is a blockchain-powered multiplayer racing game on the bsc chain. You are in control of your racecar and isn’t determined by probability or pre-calculated formulas. Our racing game will contain multiple game modes and activities, allowing users to earn rewards while playing the game or by entering the Passive race mode where the car alone earns for you. Players can race against each other NFTs or against AI generated cars. The native platform currency of the game is the $MRL Token. $MRL tokens are spent throughout the game to enter paid races, buy Cars, upgrade Cars, buy game assets in drops, and other activities associated with the game. The amount of $MRL that can be earned from racing depends on the class of that car being raced. Cars exist in 5 different classes, from Common to Concept; and the higher the class, the higher the amount of $MRL tokens that can be earned.