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What is War with Hero?

War with Hero According to $WWH that the War with Hero is beginning!! The First Union Play and Earn BNB Gamefi in D&D World The wonderland was built based on D20 Standard of Dungeons & Dragons.There are more than 10 heroes you can recruit for your adventure and with this done you can match on into the D& D world. These heroes are including with 6 races : Human, Ire, Elf, Gnore, Triton and Goblin. In primitive times, dragons posed the greatest threat to the magical world, but a strong group of specially trained dragon slayers, banded together to stand up against the onslaught. They we're known as "Dragonwatch" and they succeeded in their quest by confining the majority of dragons to sactuaries Legend of the Dragon slayer is the illustration of a triumphant story of the very first dragon slayers who took to battle and conquered.