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What is Ninku Inu?

He might look like a doge you’ve met before, but this guy is ready for the future of the web and sporting a totally rad pair of cyber-shades. As a token on the next generation Binance blockchain, Ninku Inu is a cryptocurrency that moves at high speeds with low fees. He's eco-friendly too, with dramatically lower energy costs per transaction when compared to memecoins running on last gen proof of work-based blockchains. As a spiritual successor to Dogecoin, the grandfather of crypto memes, Ninku Inu aims to be a project of the people, where the community is in the driver’s seat. Unlike other memecoins on Binance Chain, 100% of all NIU that will ever exist were launched into circulation on day one, following a fair and public sale. With no founding core team, all organizing, developing, and building for Ninku Inu is done by the community.