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Marketcap: $3,486,990
Total supply: ~ MNTO

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What is Minato?

Minato aims to create a fully decentralised wallet, exchange, DAPP and Multiverse. Including staking, farming, gaming and more. We make it our business to dominate the crypto space through community and utility. Minato Token A token with PURPOSE serves as an important medium of exchange for many decentralized applications. The potential market for MNTO is at least as large as the ENTIRE decentralized blockchain industry. But the promise of MNTO extends well beyond that into other capital markets. Minato Wallet Coming soon. Easy, Secure, Fast transactions with MNTO with competitive gas fees. Wallets are important requirements for participating in the DeFi ecosystem as they offer significant functionalities of usability and security. Minato Multiverse Minato plans to purchase multiple Metaverse lands and spaces in order create a Multiverse where business can come together with community & customer across various areas including gaming; e-commerce ; entertainment, NFTs and more. Endless possibilities awaits us all. Minato Exchange Unlocking the potential for a future where commerce can happen without the permission, participation, or benefit of financial intermediaries. We don’t collect personal data. Guaranteeing ultimate privacy & security. 350+ supported assets for storing, sending, and receiving. You can even store your NFTs with us. Buy and sell crypto with Credit card and bank account. Making the complex more simple. Minato NFTs NFTs designed by Professional Japanese artist. We have big plans for our NFTs including ideas that have never been seen or heard of before! More information will be released in the future and best of all we are original! Minato Merchant Services With the recent rise in popularity of crypto currencies, businesses are beginning to see how they can benefit from this new trend. As more people begin investing and trading these digital coins there will be an increased demand for services that accept them as payment options. We offer fast, easy and reliable merchant services as opposed to the old POS system.