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What is STEPINU?

StepInu is a Web3 lifestyle app with inbuilt Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements • StepInu is a fantastic project for those who want to strengthen the friendship with their pet and earn money in a meaningful way while walking. We are the first Move-To-Earn & Play t- to- Earn project that has a close relationship with pets. • Users utilize their NFTs connected with a smart collar called StepInu-Collar. Every step you and your pet take together will definitely create many incredible results. • The mission of the Social-Fi system in the future is to help millions of pet lovers connect with each other and take their pets out together. Social-Fi will become even better with Web3 technology, a trend that will take the lead in the future. Note: StepInu Token • Game Token: $STEPI • Governance Token: $STEPI "TAKE YOUR PET FOR A WALK AND EARN"