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What is League of Squirt?

Welcome To League Of Squirt! Join Water Fights Online, Get The Opportunity To Win Hundreds Of NFTs! Design Your Own NFTs And Earn LOSO Tokens! Online Match War! - Match up with your opponents in 5v5, 12v12 battles! - Join matches with your friends! Earn The Spoils Of War! - Earn LOSO Tokens in matches! - Get your LOSO tokens added to your League of Squirt Wallet! Open NFT Chests! - Open unique chests containing 100s of NFT designs! - Sell your NFTs on Marketplace! - Use the NFTs you get in the game! Design NFT! - Make your original NFT designs and post them on the Marketplace! - Share your NFTs at events! Collect rewards. Complete Missions Catch Rewards! - Complete in-game online game missions, collect LOSO Token rewards! - Don't miss out on the limited number of participation rewards! Stake And Earn LOSO Tokens! - Join the LOSO Token Stake system that will open in September now! - Get reliable and unlocked staking with unmatched APY rates!