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What is Eleia?

Eleia - Crack of Dawn is a Play to Earn NFT RPG game on the Binance Smart Chain platform. The game revolves around the acquisition of legendary weapons and powerful Characters. Our mission is to provide a fun and profitable experience for our players, to create a healthy and excited community around blockchain gaming, and build an ecosystem of Play-To-Earn systems to meet the needs of all gamers from around the world. Some features in Eleia are: ✔️ Combat between players to earn CRY using NFT characters and weapons. ✔️ Minting, Buying and Selling of NFT characters and weapons for ECD tokens. ✔️ Earning NFTs by completing quests and selling them in the market for ECD. ✔️ Online To Earn Our vision is to attract non crypto gamers into the world of Play to Earn, and increase adoption of blockchain technology in their everyday lives. ✔️ First, we’ll give you a chance to become an early adopter. You can buy ECD tokens that will play crucial role in the metaverse. ✔️ Then, the heroes come to Eleia, and a whole bunch of exciting things are waiting for them to do. Hero NFTs, unique Avatars, etс. ✔️ In The third phase Eleia's heroes will be able to equip weapons and skills. Legendary weapons have their own skills, there will be a total of 50 legendary weapons, 5 of which will be drawn in the community. ✔️ The fourth phase will open the world of Eleia for users holding NFT roles to enter, and will conduct a partial land auction.