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What is FrogZilla?

Welcome to Frogzilla, the first BSC token designed to reward holders while playing mini games thanks to its unique tokenomics. FEATURES -Play to earn mini games The main utility of FrogZilla is to gather an enormous community around mini-games to become the main gaming platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Every week, our holders are going to compete on our platform to earn an amazing prize pool never created on the BSC. -Regeneration FrogZilla constantly fills an enormous prize pool in FZL thanks to a 2% tax on every transaction (buy and sell) and the entry fees the players pay to play the games and compete. Every week, this atomic prize pool is used to reward our best players. -FrogZilla Nuclear Pulse Like his father Godzilla who killed Ghidorah with his “Nuclear Pulse”, his son FrogZilla is also able to fill himself with radioactive power and to unleash it via atomic buybacks to shock the whole BSC. The buy tax will be 0% for a short window after a nuclear pulse to pump even more.