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What is Shypr?

What is Shypr? Shypr operates as an on-demand shipping application, allowing users to request couriers to deliver items in a fast and efficient manner without having to leave their office or home. If you’ve got a package that’s ready to be delivered, all you need to do is log on to, select a destination and let local couriers do the rest. Shypr aims to be the authority and the standard in the Logistics Industry utilizing the latest technology, that includes blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Shypr started in 2019 as local delivery service. We will be in the process of launching Shypr Connect LAAS (Logistics As A Service) business model within the next year. Supply Chain Challenges Most clients face the following specific challenges for logistics functions: Long and complex supply chains involving multiple organizations. Lack of trust and limited collaboration. Manual and paper-based processes, with a significant amount of transport costs related to documentation. Lack of end-to-end transparency caused by a restricted flow of information, challenges related to tracing and tracking, as well as underutilization of assets. Increasingly globalized and complex supply chains are having a major impact on international companies. Stakeholders within supply chains need to handle an increased amount of information while keeping track of more transactions, recording performance and planning future activities. Logistics processes involving multiple parties require joint execution across every process step. Currently, most collaboration is conducted manually and offline, which often leads to redundancies and mistakes. Efficiency will only be possible if parties work together by sharing data to create transparency.