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What is Metaflokiracers?

What is MetaFloki Racers? It is a Play to earn game, with its own marketplace, players can buy from in-game nft market place and metafloki marketplace, bought items can be used in game. What are the Key-features? Floki Racers: Buy Racers as per there special characterstics and stay ahead of others. Battle mode: Defeat other racers in an online multiplayer racing to win the prize money. SHOWROOM: Buy random secret boxes to win NFT’s, token, race and earn point to buy random boxes. GARAGE: Buy/sell car accessories and upgrade your Cars. MARKETPLACE: Purchase land and rent it to earn tokens. RACERS VOTE: Racers vote for new idea implementation. CITIZEN: Buy character and new racers. CAR RENTAL: Users with more than 3 cars can rent their cars. PROPERTY: Buy land, property from our NFT collection.