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What is Dual Miner?

DualMiner is a new Multi-Chain token created to general Dual Passive Income for High 12% APR Daily Rewards – All done for you Automatically ! Simply Buy $DUALMINER tokens in your wallet and earn passive income in $BUSD. DualMiner has 2 primary utility. Miner itself and DualMiner Native token combined, this 2 utility will work hand in hand to sustain and provide growth for the project. About DUALMINER FORGET ALL THE unreasonable HIGH 300K or 900K APY. They don’t work out and die within few days to weeks, why ? To sustain that, they need 1-2k new holders with 1-2 million volume per day hence every single HIGH APY is dying. Just straight forward: 12% AUTO-WITHDRAWAL in BUSD rewards when u Mine Take back your capital initial investments on the 9th withdrawal Earn 8% referral rewards in BUSD from their depositing amount. Our tips: Hold till the 9th withdrawal and get 108% and withdraw – your initial capital investment is back. Get as many referrals as possible to earn their deposit fees instead of it going to the blockchain.