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Price: $0.0003
Liquidity: $6
Marketcap: $2,345,098
Total supply: ~ GMT

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What is Gold Mining Token?

Gold mining Token (GMT) is the first meta-gold mining project which brings real world and metaverse together for Gold mining. The first decentralized real gold mining platform where users can own shares in real gold mining, mint NFT and play a gold mining based game for reward as well as a marketplace for gold and its related products using Gold Mining Token (GMT). GMT is the ideal Gold mining platform with a Gold-based NFT store. At GMT, we leverage the power of blockchain technology to make people from all walks of life become virtual Miners. The application will allow anyone anywhere with the Gold Mining utility token to stake in the mining of their choice. Such people are referred to as virtual miners and will be rewarded with GMT tokens. Gold produce from the various minings will be trackable from the GMT platform. These Gold produce will also be available on the project's marketplace, where anyone could order using the GMT token and get a discount.