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What is Chewto Inu?

Chewto Inu is the world’s first community-driven project inspired by Mansa Musa that pays you 6% daily in BUSD. We are focused on innovation and helping friends build financial freedom through crypto. Our auto staking smart contract helps you earn just by holding Chewto Inu. Chewto is launching an ecosystem of apps and NFTs. We are currently building a communications app that will reward Chewto Inu holders with something incredible. Our second project will bring one of the most interactive innovative 4 D products into the Metaverse. Our community is growing with access to a network of well-accomplished individuals who are connected to people like Viola Davis, social media influencers like Neelam, and many more. We are a team of engineers, developers, historians, creators, and Metaverse dreamers with a truly diverse background from Japan, Israel, and the U.S. We are focused on decentralized finance, NFTs, Metaverse experiences, education, and business ventures. Join this amazing project and get Chewto Inu Today!