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What is Anja Protocol?

Anja is positioned to redefine the DeFi space with its new and improved AutoStaking and AutoCompounding mechanisms. It provides an alternative monetary convention that simplifies the staking process, maximizing the stable returns that $ANJA token holders receive. How Will Anja Protocol Achieve This? 1) Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding - $ANJA AutoStakes and AutoCompounds, directly in your wallet. Thus, buying $Anja eliminates any compelling reason to move your tokens from your wallet. Tokens you receive are instantly staked and set up to acquire rebase rewards. $Anja is the most straightforward auto-staking protocol in the DeFi space until now. 2) The Highest "DAO Governed" APY in BSC - Anja Protocol pays $ANJA holders a proper return of up to 1,003,876% APY, massively redefining the industry norm. The APY will be adjusted according to the APY Table, which is hard coded into Anja smart contract. 3) Ultra Fast Rebases - Unlike previous staking protocols that distribute rebasing rewards every 8 hours, Anja Protocol pays out rebase rewards every 15 minutes. Which is 96 times every day or 35,040 times in a year!!! 4) Anja Insurance Fund - Part of the trading fees (buy and sell tax), are stored in Anja Insurance Fund, which helps sustain staking rewards by maintaining price stability and significantly reducing downside risk. The fund will also support new reward pools in the Anja NFT Zone and Anja Club House. 5) Auctioned Bonds - Anja Protocol is proud to introduce the concept of Auction Bonding to the crypto space. While Auction Rounds will help deflate parent platform tokens, this new bonding approach will also become another source of income for Anja Insurance Fund. 6) Random Boosted Epochs - after Anja Protocol DAO goes live, Boosted Epochs will start to show up at random times, boosting consequent epoch rewards by up to 200%. 7) Impulsive Supply Control - A particularly exciting highlight of Anja Protocol is a programmed symbolic consumption framework known as the Impulsive Supply Control. It prevents flowing stockpiles from wild fluctuations that render them unmanageable. Anja Insurance Fund manages this supply control mechanism with a burn schedule, that can further be adjusted with a DAO vote. 8) Anja Protocol dAPP Integrations and Revenue Generating Streams - A core requirement of any tokenization model is creating an everyday utility for token. To boost utility, Anja Protocol will be hosting a series of fun, theoretical games inside the eagerly anticipated Anja NFT Zone and Anja Lottery. 9) Auto Token Burn - One of the exciting features of the Anja Protocol is an automatic token burn system named “Anja FirePit” which prevents circulating supply getting out of hand and becoming unmanageable. Anja FirePit burns record high 3% of all $ANJA token buy and sell market transactions and is burned in the same individual transaction. 10) NAAS or Node As A Service - Our ambition goes beyond just offering highest APY with autocompounding product. This is why we already have our mind set to expand to create Anja blockchain. Fastest way for such expansion starts by offering Node As A Service.