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What is Rora Realm?

Rora Realm is a hybrid of proven concepts within Web3. The foundation of our project revolves around Rora as an intellectual property, while incentivizing a Creator / Create and Earn economy. We’ve taken a lot of influence from NFTs, gaming and anime aesthetics, combining them with certain nuances from meme tokens. The closest comparison would be a tokenized NFT ecosystem. Featuring a NFT-meets-meme token style of project on the surface, with a profound understanding of DeFi, Yield and Revenue generation. In order to be a sustainable project, you must have the ability to generate revenue to bring back to your investors. Brands and intellectual property are proven to generate revenue at a high level. Tokens based on characters have a tendency to go viral if they have a strong community behind them, which is great for an IP based business. In order to build the intellectual property of RORA, we are incentivizing a creator economy within our ecosystem.